About Our Staff

 Founder and Program Director
When it comes to addiction, Glen brings abundant knowledge and experience. Our society is ever-changing in the area of substance abuse and other types of addictions. Glen stays current is his treatment modalities and deals with each person as an individual. Glen is very active in the community and is passionate about helping people improve the quality of ‘this thing called the rest of your life’ as he likes to call it. Glen welcomes opportunities for public speaking and in-service trainings in churches, schools and other orgainizations.
Joni Stroud-Martin, BIP, ACIT
Counselor and Group Facilitator
 Joni has a unique way of teaching people about their personal belief system as it relates to life choices and breaking unhealthy patterns. Joni and her family enjoy farm life in Crawford County, IN and she can be found on Saturdays at Precious Helpers Horse Farm, Inc., working with groups and individuals of all ages.   Joni has a remarkable ability to correlate her passion for nature and knowledge of animal behavior to everyday life in ways anyone can benefit from. Joni is passionate about healthy family dynamics and enjoys the process of seeing personal growth unfold as a result of her teaching and counsel.

Tina Wheeler, PRI Instructor 
DUI Coordinator

Tina brings passion, humor, and hard hitting facts to her Prime For Life 20 hour program.  As an adult child of an alcoholic, she teaches from a unique perspective.  We love to hear the positive comments when clients complete her program!   Nothing short of life-changing; don't wait to get your first DUI to take this program.  Invest NOW to avoid personal, legal, and financial consequences later.